The main sources of water which are stored at PVIP Barrage, Bhoothathankettu are from various hydroelectric projects situated along the Periyar river, independent catchment area that is lying lower areas of these hydroelectric projects and Idamalayar hydroelectric projects. These stored water is diverting through left side canal for the purpose of irrigating 32800 hectares of agricultural land in Ernakulam district. The agricultural land situated in various taluks i.e. Kothamangalam, Muvattupuzha, Kunnathunadu, Aluva, Paravoor and Kanayannoor is benefitting from this project.

  1. The total length of PVIP Barrage across the Periyar river: 210.92 Metre
  2. Main canal (Left side) : 8.00 Km
  3. Low-level canal: 20.80 Km
  4. High-level canal: 24.00 Km
  5. Distributaries and Branch canals: 685.00 Km
Details of Dam Engineers
  Chief Engineer Chief Engineer (Projects II)
DAM DIVISION Executive Engineer PVIP Division No.I, Perumbavoor
DAM SUB-DIVISION Assistant Executive Engineer Assistant Executive Engineer, PVIP Sub 
DAM SECTION Assistant Engineer Assistant Engineer, PVIP Section 1/1, Bhoothathankettu, 


Periyar Valley Irrigation Project


Periyar Valley Irrigation Project


Commissioning of this project

The construction of this project started in 1956 and partially commissioned in 1967. In 1976 – 77, this project was able to irrigate 18880 hectares of agricultural land. In 1977, necessary steps were being taken for construction of HLC & distributaries and thus increased the capacity to irrigate 32800 hectares of agricultural land.

Other Benefits

After completing of this project, in addition to irrigate 32800 hectares of agricultural land, this project is used for distributing pure water for the purpose of drinking and industrial uses in great Cochin, to control high tide in Periyar and Lift irrigation schemes. Moreover, the water required for FACT is distributing through the canal of this project.

Working Fund

The fund used for annual maintenance of canal is allocated from annual budget and repairing of Barrage are using DRIP fund. The major works carried out at PVIP Bhoothathankettu by using DRIP schemes are replacement of old shutters of Barrage, Strengthening of pillars of Barrage and another ongoing project is construction of new bridge parallel to the Barrage for diverting traffic. The description of main components of this project are:

  1. Barrage

The length of the barrage constructed across the Periyar is 210.92 Metre. There are 15 nos. of shutters at this Barrage. The Maximum Floor Level of this Barrage is 34.95 Metre.

  1. Main Canal

The water diverted from the barrage are distributing to the agricultural land through main canal which is 8 km long. The major portion of this canal is made with earth. Concrete lining was provided partially and in some areas there is no concrete lining because of this breaches occurred and water entering to the adjacent places at the time of distribution. Kothamangalam branch canal and Injakandam MD canal is originatingfrom this Main canal. The Main canal is ending at Muthamkuzhi and then divides into two canals i.e. Low level canal and High level canal. Low level canal is the important canal in this system and it is the oldest canal which was being constructed at the beginning of this project. The major portion of this canal is made with earth and it’s earthern canal. The distribution of water to the branch canals i.e. Kottappadi, Kodanad East, Kodanad West, Perumbavoor, Vattakkattupadi, Rayamangalam, Madathipadi, Aluva, Paravur, Idappalli, Kizhakkambalam, Punnayam, Kuzhoor, which starts from this canal are depends upon the intensity of flow of water in this LLC. The water distribution to the tail end areas i.e. Paravoor and Idappalli is not possible due to various reasons such as lack of concrete lining in the canal, damages at sides of canal caused loss of it’s natural shape, wear and tear due to continuous use and old age.

High-level canal is another important canal of this project and it is 24 km long. In this canal, the concrete lining had been provided during the initial stage, however, at present these concrete linings are damaged in most of the areas.

Mulavoor branch canal, Panel branch canal, Cheruvattoor MD, Paipra MD, Valakam branch canal, Mazhuvannoor branch canal, Kizhakkambalam branch canal, Kolencheri branch canal, Karukappilly MD, Kanjiramattorm MD, Thiruvankulam MD, Edakkattuvayal MD are within the limit of HLC.

Methal, Eramalloor lift irrigation scheme, Kallil lift

The lift irrigation schemes such as Methala, Eramalloor and Kallil were commissioned on 17-09-2011. The main purpose of this scheme/project is distributing water for irrigating 199 hectares of agricultural land at Methala and Eramalloor areas by pumping water from HLC of the Periyar Valley Irrigation Project.

Hierarchy of PVIP Offices

There are two Division offices in the Periyar Valley Irrigation Project i.e. Division No.1, Perumbavoor and Division No.2, Aluva. There are two Sub Division offices comes under the jurisdiction of Division No.1, Perumbavoor i.e. Sub Division No.1, Bhoothathankettu and Sub Division No.2, Perumbavoor. There are two Sub Division offices comes under the jurisdiction of Division No.2, Aluva i.e. Sub Division Aluva and Sub Division Kolenchery. There are four sections that comes under the jurisdiction of Sub Division No.1, Bhoothathankettu i.e. Section No.1/1 Bhoothathankettu, Section No.2/1 Bhoothathankettu, Section No.3/1 Bhoothathankettu and Section No.4/1 Bhoothathankettu. The Barrage, Main canal and HLC comes under the jurisdiction of Section No.1/1 Bhoothathankettu.