Adhering to the Sustainable Development Goal no. 6 of “ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”, as responsible professionals, its high time that we think about innovative approaches. If we go by successful models from International water institutes such as Delft, River Water Alliance, Water Research Institute and all, it can clearly be understood that University-Industry knowledge collaboration overcomes innovation bottleneck. Knowledge collaboration refers to activities such as co-development, co-authorship, and collaborative Research & Development and it is widely acknowledged as an important medium for exchanging new ideas and diffusion of technology. Further with the guidance from the Government, this knowledge can bring about miraculous changes.

In similar lines, the Water Resources Department, Govt of Kerala is bringing in association with the Academic Institutions under the Higher Education Department with technical backing from Engineering Departments of the State and this Government - Industry-University knowledge collaboration will bring in wonders and is one of the keys for overcoming the stressing issues in water management of the State.