Check Dams

The purpose of check dam is to retain water up stream, so that the water percolates into the ground and recharges the ground water table. As concern arises around large dams, check dams are proving their worth over and over. Check Dams built on seasonal rivers hurdles the wastage of rain water discharging into the sea and provides fresh water bodies for local use as well as strengthens the ecosystem. Check dams also serve to trap sediments and pollutants, fortifies local bio-diversity and helps in improving the overall quality of the water.

Checkdam at CH:1/800km;  Length and height of check dam :150m, 1.50m; Ayacut  :  130 ha


And at  CH:3/200km; Length and height of check dam : 200m, 1.50m; Ayacut  :  200 ha

from Old Parali bridge across Bharathapuzha near Thiruvanchi temple in Palakkad district.

Checkdam : LENGTH AND HEIGHT OF CHECK DAM :   120m, 2.50m; Ayacut  :  200 ha. across Kannadipuzha near Kali temple at Kodumbu panchayath in Palakkad district.

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